Seaport District Hotel Near Boston Children’s Museum

The  has been serving the greater Boston area for a hundred years, and is recognized as a leader in the global museum community.

Visited annually by droves of families and kids, this kid-friendly museum is actually a research institution that focuses on children’s exhibits, educational exhibits, and many more.

Visiting the Boston Children’s Museum is visiting a unique haven for many kinds of learning experiences for kids, and the impact the museum can have on children is invaluable. The Boston Children’s Museum also curates and maintains a unique collection of museum items numbering 50,000 as of last count.

Some of the exhibits and activities that you and your kids can come visit are:

#1, Bubbles – Bubbles is part of the John Hancock Science Playground and explores the science and mechanics of bubbles.

Based on physics, mechanics and other related fields, Bubbles introduces children to the properties of bubbles in fun-filled activities not found in regular school activities. The Bubbles exhibit encourages fun and exploration, with children and their grown-up companions working side by side.

#2, Construction Zone – Kids have a natural love for building things. In Construction Zone, children and their parents/grown-ups can climb simulated beams and bridges, observe the landscape from a tower, and construct to their heart’s delight.

Design, build, and topple. The Construction Zone helps children understand how cities look during construction projects and transition phases, and gives them a better understanding of how materials interact with their environments.

#3, Art Studio – The Art Studio is a fun, creative spaces for unlimited creation and exploration. Think of it as a place where your kids can explore their art potential instantly, with a variety of tools, materials, and surfaces. Again, adults and kids can create and invent side by side, doubling the fun at the Art Studio.

#4, Tech Kitchen – Tech Kitchen is an awesome way to learn about bleeding edge technology, straight from tech start-ups, established brands, and other great innovators in the industry.

Among the past exhibitors of the Tech Kitchen are BOSEBuild, iRobot, Me-J, Trivium, Unruly Studios, and Velcro. From assembling Bluetooth speakers to live robot prototypes, you never know what is going to cook next at the Tech Kitchen.

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