Enjoy A Summertime Visit To The Boston Seaport District

The  offers a wealth of enjoyment to guests and there is an almost endless itinerary of places to visit. If you are planning to visit Boston this summer, you needn’t worry about bringing your kids, because there will definitely be plenty to do when you arrive.

If you have children and teens in tow, our first recommendation would be the , which has always been a crowd favorite and is a satisfying retreat for kids and adults because of its awesome exhibits, including the “New Balance Climb” and “Science Playground.” Thick physical science meets awesome – that’s the gist of what the interactive exhibits are all about. There are also seasonal art programs, so make sure you visit the Boston Children’s Museum’s website to get the  for those if you are interested.

For those interested in contemporary and cutting edge art, let’s not forget  at Northern Avenue. This museum features the best of the Boston art scene, as well as curated pieces from around the world, too. There’s architecture, sculpture, paintings, and a myriad of exhibits for art lovers and enthusiasts. Art museums are never boring and you’ll be sure to have plenty of takeaways when you visit The Institute of Contemporary Art.

If you are interested in appreciating the cityscape and discovering shops and other places around the Seaport District and Boston in general, we recommend the city’s famed bike tours. Much of Boston is flat and the roads are easy for biking, so even kids can join the bike tour. And what makes these tours really special is you will be able to see and experience Boston like the locals – not too fast, not too slow – just right. And if you are staying a few more days you can go back to locations that have caught your fancy during the bike tour.

And who can forget that this time of the year is perfect for concerts? Boston’s summer concerts are nothing short of awesome, with top-billed acts gracing  and other concert venues that are a stone’s throw away from the Seaport District. The best part these summer concerts is they’re scheduled way ahead of time so you can book your hotel and your concert early and you will have your passes ready by the time you arrive in Boston. With acts like Fleetwood Mac, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, KISS, and many more artists, we’re pretty sure that you will find the perfect summer concert to attend for double the enjoyment while you are in the city. Just imagine the possibilities.

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