2020 National Plan for Vacation Day – Make Your Reservations Today

January 28, 2020 is National Plan for Vacation Day, and on this day, people are encouraged to plan their time off for the rest of the year! The simple fact is we’re busier than ever as a society, and slowing down is becoming less and less of a priority. It’s time to take back your time and spend some time dedicated to recovering this year.

Why should you plan for vacation? Here are a few quick stats that should help convince you to start planning on this special holiday, even if it’s months ahead of your actual vacation:

– 55% of Americans didn’t take any time off in 2018. This is an eye opening, semi-alarming figure, as all conventional employment allows for a certain amount of vacation days each year.

– The average American employee takes only 17.4 days off per year, and only nine days are dedicated to travel. With that being said, a vacation can be more meaningful with travel, and with a change of scenery, most people end up feeling more rejuvenated and ready to take on more work.

– Each year, 768 million vacation days go unused. This trend has increased since 2017.

– Vacation days are at least two times likely to happen once they’ve been planned, making it an effective strategy to recharge and rejuvenate yourself, as well as your mental health.

The biggest challenge when it comes to planning vacation time is simply getting started on the process. We’ll help guide you through the initial steps now! The first thing that you need to do is to determine how much time off you already have, or have earned for the year.

The next step is to begin coordinating where you want to go and for how long, and then match this initial overview of your vacation with the availability of your vacation days. Simple enough, right?

After creating the general plan, you can save it on your computer or email it to yourself so you don’t forget. Take the time off when you get to work so you’re locked into certain dates and times. Then, you’ll be all set.

Here are some additional tips when planning your vacation:

#1 – Decide on at least two possible regions for your vacation and make sure that you are going to time your vacation when it’s not peak season, so you get to save on your stay as well.

#2 – After deciding on a region, you can then narrow it down to what city or town you want to visit. Narrowing it down immediately can help you search for accommodations more easily, and this actually solves more than half of the equation you need to think about when going on a vacation.

#3 – Calculate how much time you want to spend in a city. Match this with the available vacation time that you have calculated beforehand.

#4 – Make important, practical arrangements upfront. If you are going to have a pet sitter take care of your animals, book these services in advance. This will reduce the rush and stress associated with an unplanned vacation.

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