Planning A Visit To Boston, Massachusetts in 2018

Cold weather shouldn’t be a problem if you are planning a fun vacation for the family this coming January 2018. We certainly had a blast this holiday season and  if you are thinking of extending the Yuletide cheer, you can do so easily by spending time into the new year in Boston. After an unforgettable New Year’s Eve event of your choice, you can spend a few more days in the city to enjoy the unique Boston experience during winter.

What’s truly great about Boston is it offers a well-rounded experience to tourists, both new and returning. There is something in the city for everyone. Let’s start with the weather. Obviously it’s quite cold in the state of Massachusetts in January, but this is also one of the best times of the year to head to the slopes to ski. If you like skiing or are interested in learning how to ski, you can try your hand in any of the easily accessible ski slopes.

The slopes aren’t the most challenging around, but your family will have a great time for sure. If the slopes are too challenging, there is always the option of ice skating. Boston’s ever-popular  is a must-see for first time visitors. Another place you can skate is the nearby Lagoon, which is easily accessible via Charles Street. Time to warm your toes and get some fun exercise while enjoying winter with the fam!

Don’t want to miss out on the complete tourist experience even in chilly weather? Don’t worry – there are more than a handful of different kinds of tours for every kind of tourist. Guided tours, walking tours and even a luxurious tour of the Boston Harbor await you – you simply have to choose which one you would enjoy the most.

Now, if you don’t like being with crowds and you’d rather traverse a track on your own or with your family (sometimes this is a better idea, because you can rest at will, take pictures or videos and just take your time), try tours like the one offered on the .

When you’re done taking in the self-guided scenic route, go back to the heart of downtown Boston and have a bite or drink. It’s really that simple to have fun in this great city. Tourist tip: there’s shopping to be had at the end of the Freedom Trail! Just look for . The place is still quite festive this January, so make sure you check the Marketplace out, too.

For all you lovers of theater, “A Night With Janis Joplin” is showing on January 19 to 20 and “Soaring Wings” will be open to the public more than a week earlier (January 11 to 12). Toward the end of the month, “Dancing with the Stars, Live!” will be shown at the  on January 25.

And to make sure that you’re all set to explore the wonders of Boston, don’t forget to book your room at the , the recipient of the Best Boutique Hotel Award. Book in advance today and launch into 2018 with a magnificent Boston experience.

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