Top 5 Things To Do Near the Seaport District

The  is a tourist and traveler’s haven and staying at the Envoy Hotel is just one of the perks of visiting the modern city. The first place to be at the Seaport District is the One Seaport, which is a premier commercial area with dining spots, shopping and other commercial spaces situated on three acres of land.

Here you can find fitness centers, great local and international cuisine, and great modern Boston architecture (they have two towers – The Benjamin and The Via). There are also seasonal events held here. Enter 60 Seaport Boulevard and you can easily get here from the Envoy Hotel.

Enjoy the Institute of Contemporary Art

The ICA or the Institute of Contemporary Art is the heart of the modern art scene of Boston and regularly holds panel discussions, exhibits and other events dedicated to contemporary art. There are also scheduled performances throughout the year from artists from within and from without Boston. Current art tours include Process: Hand and Machine Made, Art in the Age of the Internet (1989 to Today), Wicked Queer (The Boston LGBT Film Festival) and lots more. When it comes to sheer variety and interesting events, nothing comes close to attending the ones being held at the ICA.

Ride a Water Taxi

But what about travel? Boston is one of the few places on Earth where you can actually ride a water taxi! That’s right – there are Boston water taxis, and they service major locations along the Boston waterfront easily.

Water taxis can easily seat up to ten individuals at a time, so if you’re visiting the city with your family, you can definitely ride a Boston water taxi to get a feel of what it feels like to live in a thriving city with a waterfront. A Boston water taxi can pick you up easily. There are several outfits offering this service so just choose which one you’d like to pick you up.

Walk the Boston Harborwalk

Did you know that you can also visit one of the most unique parks in the country? We’ve seen large parks (they are available aplenty) but have you been to a park that stretches and faces the waterfront itself? Welcome to the Boston Harborwalk, a 43-mile linear park developed to complement the Boston shoreline. Harborwalk stretches from Neponset River all the way down to lower Dorchester and Constitution Beach.

Watch the Boston Red Sox Play a Game

Fenway Park on the other hand, is best known for holding training games for beloved baseball leagues. It is also the home of the Boston Red Sox. Dubbed “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” you can catch new games as the season opens this month. In addition to games, there are also ballpark tours for the whole family and it’s also possible to host events here if you have that kind of requirement.

The Envoy Hotel is a stone’s throw away from all these great attraction in the Boston waterfront area, and there’s no better way to get around than to book in a luxuriant hotel with the best amenities. With great rooms, a beloved local and international cuisine,  at the Envoy Hotel and immerse yourself in Boston culture like you never thought possible.