Visiting Boston In The Fall

Boston is a fantastic place to visit during the fall season. Bright-color changing leaves, crisp autumn air, days spent picking fresh apples – no place compares to Boston during fall. When summer ends and the hordes of tourists start clearing out, you get an opportunity to explore the city on cool-weather weekends. From September to November, the city and the surrounding communities host amazing foliage, great football, a wide range of outdoor activities, and not forgetting the spooky Halloween traditions. You don’t want to miss any of these.

Here are more reasons why Boston should be your preferred fall destination.

Watch a Game

Boston remains one of the best sports cities in the country. Furthermore, why would you want to leave the city without watching the New England Patriots play? As one of the most successful teams in the NFL, the New England Patriots have restored the glory of this city. The atmosphere is amazing and electric, and you will feel part of it, whenever you step into the stadium. Even if you are not a football fan, you are assured of enjoying the atmosphere. Still, on sports, you should not forget about the Celtics. They are among the most historic teams in the city. So head out and enjoy some basketball.

Local Brewery Tours & Travel

Boston is always buzzing with activities during fall. One of the best ways of making your stay worthwhile is taking a local brewery tour. During this period, most of the local beer companies are beginning to manufacture seasonal favorites. Local beer companies like Harpoon and Sam Adams offer plenty of brewery tours. They also host various events, which provide consumers with an opportunity of tasting their fall-inspired delights. Sam Adams hosts , which features plenty of delicious food, live music as well as beer pairings. Harpoon, on the other hand, hosts Octoberfest to celebrate local beers and food.

Haunted House Tours

Boston is known to have some of the most haunted places in the country, and what better time to visit than fall? You can go ghost hunting or witch hunting in various places. Spookyworld in Litchfield New Hampshire offers one of the best experiences. You can also enjoy creepy house thrills and a haunted hayride, where you will encounter some of the most ghost-ridden and scariest streets in the city. You might be wondering whether the ghosts will show up. Well, they might not show up, but the experience will be memorable and worthwhile.

Eat and Drink Pumpkin

Fall means enjoying plenty of pumpkin-flavored delights. From pumpkin donuts to pumpkin iced coffees, a pumpkin experience awaits you in Boston. Apart from enjoying the pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks, you can also spend time in one of the pumpkin farms in the city. One of them is Smolak Farms, which hosts the annual Pumpkin Festival. During this event, families can head over to pick pumpkins or partake in various activities.

Stay at the Envoy Hotel

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