World-Class Boston Waterfront Dining Options Available at The Envoy Hotel

Thinking of spending a few days of summer in Beantown? It’s a great and fun alternative to typical summer destinations which are overcrowded and so expensive. Many folks think Boston isn’t exactly the most happening place for the sunniest season of the year, but they are wrong. Boston offers a multitude of experiences – just not your typical highly commercialized activities.

If you’re thinking of something a little out of the ordinary for your summer escape — such as a gastronomic getaway — and you’re really not keen on what other summer destinations are providing, The Envoy Hotel, a , is a splendid place to stay. Not only is it a lovely structure with visually impressive interior design, it also has various amenities to make your visit an absolute delight. Best of all, it is home to two top-rated dining establishments: the Outlook Kitchen and Bar and the Lookout Rooftop and Bar.

These two dining options are not your typical “food with a view” places because they exceed expectations in both categories. The food is just exquisite here – every item in their menus is a beautiful sight to behold, and more importantly, it’s just absolutely delish. The restaurants only use the finest ingredients, sourced both locally and from premier suppliers. Plus, the innovative chefs of these establishments create dishes that offer something new and exciting for customers.

As for the drinks, apart from “classics,” there’s also a selection from small-batch distillers, rock-star brewers, and single vineyard labels. It’s important to mention too that Lookout even has trendy mixologists that create unique cocktails perfected with an artistic presentation for every customer.

Now, the views are magnificent. You get treated to the lovely skyline as well as the blue expanse of the bay, which is accessorized with different types of water vehicles. Just lovely. No matter what time of day or season it is (Outlook opens at 6:30 in the morning and closes at midnight; Lookout opens at noon on the weekends and late afternoon during weekdays, and closes at midnight), you’ll only see beauty surrounding the bars.

When you stay at , you have easy access to Boston’s special flavors. So, if you’re vacationing to enrich and satisfy your palate, The Envoy Hotel is clearly the smart choice for Boston accommodations. Check out its special offers on its website; you can save money by taking advantage of these provisions (especially if you’re traveling with a companion or a group), as well as enjoy a bunch of “only in Boston” experiences.

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