Signature Boston Seaport Accommodations Available At The Envoy Hotel

When you step into the Envoy Hotel for the first time, two words will immediately come to mind: elegant and creative. Rarely do we see these two concepts come together so seamlessly as in the case of , which boasts of finely curated interiors and the most original room layouts designs not just for comfort, but for the highest appreciation of the city itself and the harbor.

The Envoy Hotel’s accommodations are what we call “harbor oriented,” which means the rooms will offer at least partial views of the Boston Harbor, which has played such a keystone role in the evolution of this modern and dynamic city.

Our Accommodations

The Envoy Hotel’s Classic Rooms provide an exquisite view of the harbor and is your first dive into the unique, modern architecture that is molded by the “city by the sea.”

Classic Rooms can either be equipped with a single King-sized bed or two Queen-sized beds, depending on availability and need. Streamlined with your comfort in mind, Classic Rooms provide the best feeling of freedom and space that is perfect for both creative pursuits and relaxation.

Not a line out of place, with proportions suited for every corner, this room is the enthusiastic reprise for Boston city life as it readies you for a day of exploration and fun. Comes fully equipped with a working table and chair, mod bath and other modern amenities for every guest to enjoy. For more space and an even deeper appreciation of the urban-contemporary feel that the Envoy Hotel is championing, book a Deluxe Larger King Room.

A step inside the Deluxe Larger King Room will immediately give you the feeling of a functional, comfortable expanse. Every inch of the room was designed to provide comfort to the guest, and the placement of all furnishings are tasteful, urbane and speaks of Boston sensibilities.

One can also go so far as to say that Deluxe Larger King Rooms, with its sizable living room area, large windows and being drenched in natural light is something that the world needs more – reconnecting with the outside world, while remaining comfortable in a room fit for a king.

And finally, the most unique accommodations of all: the Coveted Corner Rooms and Suites. What makes these suites and rooms special is they resemble artistic canvases, ready to be painted and remolded by the vision of the guest. What is Boston for you? You’ll be able to soak in the glorious sights of the city from the glass walls and doors of a Corner Room or Suite, and you can get as creative as you want in you stay at the Envoy Hotel.

Doing away with the conventional living room plus dining room formula, Corner Rooms and Suites are redone perfectly to provide a fresh insight, perspective, and touch, to your hotel room.

And with its great location, you’re going to enjoy your stay even more because you have full access to the city from where the Envoy Hotel is located. Make sure that you  today, talk to us and we’ll walk you through the beautiful rooms waiting for you or your family. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a significant other or with a group, the Envoy Hotel can provide you the perfect room – any time of the year.