3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Envoy Hotel in Boston

While it is  a given that the  is one of the hottest places to be when visiting the city, there  are still some lesser-known things about our hotel that makes it even more special to guests, especially those who are coming into the hotel and city for the first time. Here are three things you didn’t know about the Envoy Hotel in Boston:

One: The Envoy Hotel is inspired by the city of Boston itself

The Envoy Hotel stands proudly in the city of Boston, at Innovation District, and everything about the hotel is reflective of the vibe and heritage of this magnificent seaport city.

The architecture of the building, as well as the actual focus on providing great amenities while remaining adventurous and eclectic are some of the lesser known strengths of the Envoy Hotel.

And the structure itself is massive: with 136 rooms and suites that provide distinct pleasures and spaces to both first time and repeat guests, booking a room at the Envoy Hotel is an authentic Bostonian experience, one that you will appreciate as you explore the city’s many modern wonders.

The Envoy Hotel aims not just to be  welcome and soothing respite to weary travelers, but also a port of call for individuals and groups who want to connect, be creative, and be part of something amazing. This is the true vision for the existence of the Envoy Hotel.

Two: There are two more places to be excited about at the Envoy hotel, and they’re called Outlook and Lookout

There are two places for food and drinks lovers in all of us at the Envoy Hotel. And why ever not – the Outlook Kitchen and Lookout Rooftop Bar provide distinct experiences that are truly appreciated by folks who take their food and drink seriously.

The Outlook Kitchen, located downstairs, provides select, upscale dining inspired by the rich gastronomic culture of Boston, and is tempered by the variations that are naturally brought on by the availability of local produce. Ever-driven by the organic and local, you can expect surprising and tasty innovations at the Outlook Kitchen whatever month you visit Boston.

The Lookout Rooftop Bar on the other hand, offers home-made brews, well-loved home favorites, as well as eclectic shots of liquors that are refreshing and rejuvenating. If you’re tired of the old mixes, the Lookout Rooftop Bar beckons – and there’s lots of great food here, too.

Three: The Envoy Hotel’s Rooms are designed to make you creative

Designed with a lush, yet open interior, the unique rooms at the Envoy Hotel open you to the views of the city and the sea like you never thought possible.

If you’re tired of the drab, closed walls common in hotel rooms because you need natural light and a view to feel alive and creative, then the Envoy Hotel’s many accommodations will suit you perfectly.

 and expect nothing but the most perfect hotel experience when you arrive in Boston. Enjoy the city!