Celebrate the Holidays With a Boston Seaport District Hotel Escape

The  is pretty much like the sea: stunning surface that’s even more meaningful when you go deeper into it, and has a universal appeal to all tourists regardless of where they came from originally. Whether you are a US tourist or a globetrotter, the Boston Seaport District should definitely be on your bucket list for travel.

Among the great places that you can visit here are:

– Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – Tons of conferences and exhibits are held in this place, as well as smaller events that involve local/international culture, music, and art. One of the busiest places in the city and for good reason: business, industries, and other sectors meet here to explore and discuss every month.

– Institute of Contemporary Arts – Boston prides itself as one of the friendliest places in the United States for artist. Visit the ICA to see breathtaking exhibits of art that you haven’t seen before and support artist as they continue exploring the liminal depths of human emotion and thought through contemporary art.

– Boston’s Children’s Museum – The Boston’s Children’s Museum is as fun as it sounds. A must-see for families who have small kids and teens who want to know more about the diversity of culture, history, and other aspects of human technology and civilization.

– Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum – More than a home to the historic event, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum features interactive activities that allow guests to go deeper into this historic event than ever before. Learning history has never been so much fun.

– The Boston Harborwalk – A unique space where public art meets contemporary Boston life. Go here for the diversity of shops, activities, and for a breathtaking view of modern Bostonian architecture in the city.

– The Freedom Trail – For nature and hiking lovers, the Freedom Trail beckons. Perfect for those who are interested in hiking or cycling, the Freedom Trail will take you past historic markers, a burial ground and other fascinating loci from history.

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