Our Current Boston Waterfront Hotel Special Offers & Packages

 in Boston is one of the best places to stay when you want to enjoy the local city culture, dining, and more.

In addition to having wonderful accommodations, courteous staff, its own iconic bar upstairs and full-service kitchen downstairs, the Envoy Hotel is also very generous with its promotions.

This year, the Envoy Hotel is headlining four wonderful promotions for the hotel that you may want to check out if you have always wanted to enjoy Boston in absolute comfort and class. The first promotion is the “Whenever Weekends at the Envoy.” Book your stay today and use the promo code ZX0.

You’re going to enjoy your weekend vacation more if you stay at the Envoy Hotel, because you will be able to get 5% off your stay, plus $25 beverage and food credit.

Enjoy great food either in your hotel room or in our highly regarded Outlook Kitchen (the full service restaurant).

Your third option would be to enjoy cold and tasty drinks at the Lookout Rooftop bar, which offers liquors, spirits, and bites fit for a king. If you stay with us on Sunday, you are going to receive an additional $25 food and beverage credit – all on the Envoy Hotel.

The “Stay for Breakfast” promotion is designed to give you absolute delight after the most restful night of sleep in one of our acclaimed hotel rooms. The promotion includes overnight accommodations and a splendid breakfast for two, made with the guidance of no less than our resident Executive Chef Tatiana Rosana.

The “Drive & Stay” promotion is best suited for people who are driving in from another state or city. We know your body needs rest, and your feet are especially tired from driving. The “Drive & Stay” promotion includes overnight accommodations and valet parking, so you can just drive in and enjoy your stay with the Envoy Hotel.

And finally, we have the “Encore at the Envoy” promotion. If you have ever wanted to just kick back and relax, and enjoy a good movie with your partner or spouse, this would be the promotion for you.

The Envoy Hotel will give you an in-room movie for your viewing pleasure, so you can just unwind and melt away all the stresses of the previous day (or week). The “Encore at the Envoy” includes the following: overnight accommodations, valet parking, in-room movie, popcorn and movie snacks, plus breakfast for two.

We are going to make sure that you sleep and wake up in the best possible mood when you are the Envoy Hotel, so check out all these  and see which fits your needs the best.

The city of Boston offers so much to both its residents and guests from other cities and states, the gateway to this great city are hotels like the Envoy Hotel that are just brimming with the best that the city has to offer. Grab the best getaway with your premiere gateway to Boston.  at the Envoy Hotel today.