Stay With Us & Celebrate National Coffee Day By Visiting The Area’s Best Coffee Shops

September 29, 2019 is National Coffee Day, and what better way to enjoy this day than to enjoy Seaport District’s best coffee shops?

We’ve rounded up some of the most highly recommended coffee shops in the district so you will know where to go when you visit Boston this September:

Capital One Café

Located at 57 Seaport Boulevard, Capital One Café features sumptuous bites, chic drinks, and lots of space for working. You can also get the Capital One Card to get Peet’s Coffee at 50% discount.

Customers praise the friendly staff, and great ambiance for both working and relaxing. The two-story café has a modern and minimalistic feel to it, bolstered by comfortable chairs and spacious tables.

Blue State Coffee

Blue State Coffee at 155 Seaport Boulevard distinguishes itself as one of the best picks for coffee and lunch in the Seaport District. Customers love this place’s iced tea, homemade flavorings, and quick bites like the oatmeal cookies.

It might be a challenge to find in the beginning because of its proximity to much larger structures, but customers say it’s worth a try. Blue State Coffee is also dedicated to worthy local advocacies, so that’s a plus when you pay a visit.

Tradesman Coffee Shop & Lounge

Tradesman Coffee Shop & Lounge has been making waves with customers recently, garnering five-star reviews for the space, ambiance, coffee, and food.

Classic concoctions like caramel lattes are crowd favorites, and they’re generous with the quick bites, breakfast items, and snacks. Generous portions and wonderful flavors are always a good combination when visiting a new coffee shop – try them out.

Gracenote Coffee

If you’re looking for friendly staff and unique brews and concoctions, Gracenote Coffee is definitely a good choice.

But then again, the classics are always available too, from espressos to lattes. It’s about 20 minutes from the Seaport, and it’s a good place to visit if you want to lay back and take a break from the bustle of the city.

Kohi Coffee Company

Kohi Coffee Company prides itself in perfecting flavorful, strong brews. This is a great place for you if you are particular about having great coffee and equally great pastries. It’s not as large as places like Capital One Café, but their offerings are high quality and “damn tasty,” according to many patrons. That has got to be a great sign, right?

Now that you know the top spots to visit for National Coffee Day, it’s time to pick your place to stay. Here at , we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service, amenities and accommodations that are unmatched in the Seaport District. We’re also home of the Lookout Rooftop Bar, which is the hottest neighborhood hangout – bar none.

 and celebrate National Coffee Day with a day full of relaxing and trying out different brews at these local shops!