Enjoy a Creative Stay at The Envoy Hotel to Celebrate International Artists Day

October 25 is International Artists Day, and there is simply no better way to spend this day as an artist than at . The Envoy Hotel itself is a living piece of art, and takes pride in its unique architecture that encourages not just rest, but also thoughtfulness and creativity.

If you’re an artist and would like to visit the city of Boston to celebrate International Artists Day, know that the hotel itself serves as a gateway to the Fort Port Arts Community, and has its own art space, complete with commissioned works.

Wonderful local art abounds in the hotel’s various spaces: Horizon Reflection by Maryanna McDonald, Concentric Plates by F+L Studio, Tide by Janke Glass Studios, and many more. To celebrate International Artists Day, The Envoy Hotel offers  package to guests who want the full, sophisticated experience that only The Envoy Hotel can deliver.

Art at The Envoy Hotel 

The Envoy Hotel has always prided itself in having a great relationship with the local art community and art scene, and the commissioned pieces that grace its many spaces is proof to its continuing commitment to support local artists as much as possible. While many pieces adorn the walls of The Envoy, here are a few extra details about some of the more unique works of art:

“Moswetuset” is a custom piece whose name was taken from the vocabulary of Native Americans originally from the Boston Harbor area. What’s interesting about this piece is that it’s borderless, and has a lifelike (and monument-like) feel to it, much like taking a page out of history, and putting it on display.

The bright hues of yellow, reminiscent of the sea as it glitters under the sun, is dynamic and timeless, making this work of art a true masterpiece fit for The Envoy. The artist, Donald Martiny, is a North Carolina native who studied at a handful of prestigious schools. His works are currently in private collections all around the world, from Amsterdam to Paris.

“Reading” by Kelly Stapleton, is a postmodern piece that sets the outline of Boston against a backdrop of old, printed books. Including the contour of a classic light bulb, “Reading” gives viewers a sense of “being in the moment,” a Zen-like effect despite the complexity of words and print. There are thematic arcs in the details of the artwork, suggesting the evolution of Boston across time and space.

“Tide” by Janke Glass Studios is comprised of 24 custom glass panels that resemble the gentle movement of the surface of the sea. The different glass panels differ in texture, color, and overall presentation, suggesting the dynamic nature of water as it interacts with the world around it. The bright light that seems to be bursting forth from the corner of the piece is a major contrast to the light and almost transparent panels on the right hand side of the piece.

We’d love to have you stay with us to celebrate this special day. Select one of our  to book now, and get ready for a creative, inspiring stay!

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