Five Fun Things To Do in Boston During The Fall

Boston in fall is majestic, with its own unique beauty and attraction for tourists coming in from all over the country. Foliage color begins to change at this time of the year, and a simple stroll down any boulevard or street becomes an instant foliage tour as well.

The average temperature in September is 73° and steadily decreases to 62° in October. Around November, you will have breezy evenings at a still comfortable 58°.

As for what to wear when you visit Boston, know that native Bostonians like to keep it simple and casual. The weather can be sometimes unpredictable in the city, so it would be best to bring clothes for both warm and cold weather. Simply dress according to what the weather requires and you should be fine during your visit. And when your clothes are ready, make sure that you do (at the minimum) these five fun things in Boston during the fall.

1. Boston Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is 2.5 miles long and cuts across a total of 16 historical sites, including the Boston Massacre, the Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, and lots more.

The trail has red bricks on it so it is hard to get lost. Just keep going and drink the sights and sounds of what native Bostonians call the Old Boston. Before heading over to the trail, be sure to drop by the Boston Common to get a map so you can conveniently find what you need along the trail.

2. Black Heritage Trail

The Black Heritage Trail brings you close to unique neighborhoods in Boston with quaint architecture: original gas lights, walled gardens, and other such remnants from a bygone era.

The Black Heritage Trail includes a total of 14 historic sites, including the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial and the State House. If you want a map for this trail, simply head over to the Abiel Smith School. You can also opt for a tour that is smartly guided by a ranger. These tours are available from Mondays through Saturdays.

3. Irish Heritage Trail 

If anything, Boston is a melting pot of cultures and histories, which makes it one of the most dynamic cosmopoles in the United States.

The Irish Heritage Trail is a testament to this cultural dynamism in the city. People often engage in self-guided tours through this trail. There are additional sites to visit at Dorchester and East Boston.

There are historic monuments, memorials, tribute sites, and gardens as you go along. The Irish Heritage Trail is one of the trails you should visit if you are interested in local Boston history.

4. Charlestown Navy Yard

The Charlestown Navy Yard is the home of the USS Constitution, which was built in 1797. This historic ship, which saw intense wartime action in the War of 1812, is now permanently anchored at the Charlestown Navy Yard. There are free tours available every half hour, so make sure that you drop by for a bit of US war history at the shipyard.

5. Boston Harbor

The Custom House at the Boston Harbor used to be the most notable structure in Boston because it was the highest skyscraper around. The tower was attached to the original structure in 1915 and the entire structure was later acquired by another company.

Make sure that you  at the Envoy Hotel this fall to enjoy all these historic and cultural trails in Boston – and more.

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