Welcome To The Envoy

A Seaside Retreat

With an Eclectic Elegance

Welcome to The Envoy — Boston’s new port of call for committed wanderlusters looking for a stay as artful as it is uncompromising. 

Existing as an inviting hybrid of comfort and creativity, The Envoy Hotel embraces travelers seeking a stay that’s a few doors up from the everyday. Part homage to the inspired community that surrounds it, part ode to the Innovation District it calls home, The Envoy Hotel achieves new heights of unpretentious modernity with every sweeping line and graceful ascent.

Explorers looking for more would be well-served to look our way. The Envoy encompasses 136 stunningly appointed guest rooms and suites, each offering a guest-centric, design-forward aesthetic married seamlessly with a never-stuffy approachability. Our spaces echo the deep and rich history of our city while forever keeping a vision firmly locked upon the horizon — always with an eye toward drawing in tastemaking travelers who want to connect with the pulse of Boston. At The Envoy, your every experience is artisan-crafted, from the decor to the dining. Best of all, every touch is served with a hearty side of undeniable local perspective — all surrounded by breathtaking views of both Boston Harbor and the urban skyline.

For work or play, you’ve found your stay. 

Experience the best of Boston. Discover The Envoy.

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